Why write with Locale?

Having technical — or any type of — content writing experience is a plus to have in this fast-growing industry. We are looking for individuals who can contribute articles written at the readability level. The writer should always know what to write and what not to. What you’ll get by this?

  • Great content alone won’t matter, reach out to a broader audience with your articles
  • Get feedback and network with the GIS community
  • Earn money through Medium’s Partner Program and through Locale :)

Who will own the work?

You might be thinking, who will own the articles you write, and that’s a good concern. You will be the only person who will own your work (unless you have collaborated with someone).

Ok, sounds good, how do I contribute?

Great, to become a writer a Locale, send us the draft (preferably medium draft link) of your latest, unpublished article at [email protected] with your brief introduction, background, and Linkedin/GitHub profile links. Keep the subject of the email to “Article Submission for Locale.ai”

What we are looking at locale?

You can submit articles that are loosely connected to the GIS. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • Location Intelligence (Use cases, Industry insights)
  • Geospatial data analysis (Techniques, Tutorials…)
  • Geospatial Engineering (handling large scale geospatial data)
  • Or any topic loosely connected to GIS

Note — We will revert your mail within 48 hours of your submission email, sit back and relax until then.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to shoot an email, or you can reach out to me via Twitter and Linkedin DMs.

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