Since starting in 2019, we've been on our mission to become the "God Mode" for every commercial asset that moves across the globe. Today, we are the control tower for the operations teams of some of the best mobility, on-demand delivery and logistics companies spread across the globe.

Obviously it hasn't all been a smooth ride and we've faced quite some challenges:

  1. Covid-19 meant that we couldn't travel, especially across borders. Inside sales in enterprise segment is very challenging and was never heard of before the pandemic. But we managed to turn the tide and not only make sales but also manage revenue growth.
  2. We were confined to our city physically but were still making inbounds all over the world!
  3. Forget clients, the majority of the team never met together and all work happened remotely. But still the team bonding is like no other, owing to the games, talks and the team culture that we have built here at Locale.

With all its challenges, 2021 was a phenomenal year at the end of it. Our user base spread to new geographies around the world with diverse companies across various sectors using our product to solve a wide range of use cases. We also successfully completed a seed round of USD 1.3 million. More on it here:

[Funding alert] Location analytics startup raises Rs 9.6 Cr in seed round from Chiratae Ventures, Better Capital
Founded in March 2019 by Aditi Sinha and Rishabh Jain, empowers decision makers of the companies to pinpoint their focus areas and automate actions on them using the real-world behaviour of users, fleet and deliveries.

Every year, Nathan Latka publishes Latka500, a list of the fastest growing SaaS startups. This year 18,047 companies submitted data, meaning just 2.7% made the top 500. was ranked 7th worldwide for its phenomenal growth in the past year.

While the number of SaaS companies continues to grow, we expect to continue our rapid growth this year. Β In total, Latka500 SaaS companies did $13 billion in combined 2021 revenues (up from $8 billion in 2020) and have raised a total of $35 billion. 128 bootstrapped SaaS founders made the list with combined revenues of $1.3 billion. You can find the full rankings here. Listing includes all sorts of interesting data about SaaS growth, metrics, and more. We’re in good company as you can see!

Last Month, our co-founder Aditi Sinha caught up with Nathan to talk about our growth story so far. You can watch it on YouTube or listen to it on your choice of podcast platform.

πŸš€What's in store for 2022?

We plan to raise our Series-A round in the upcoming months. It will help us expand our already 25 member strong team and reach out to more customers across new geographies to cater to.

This year, in addition to building a host of new features, we also plan to share these exciting new releases:

  • Complete Task management for operations- The workflow management on the platform will be fortified to include upstream to downstream integration. Users will be able to perform actions and collaborate directly from the platform itself. Downstream integration will be made easier with the ability to notify drivers, users and all stakeholders at the same time, effortlessly.
  • Predictive analytics- We will build product capability to leverage algorithms in order to predict future performance using past data. This will help our users in capacity planning and making arrangements for any future contingencies beforehand.
  • Notifications and Alerts- We plan to build on top of our collaboration feature to help our users work together in a more seamless manner. This will include integrations like Slack and will promote timely actioning and decision making.

We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey so far. All the love and support we have got from our customers, investors and mentors has played a vital role in helping us grow and rank among the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world in such a short span of time. Onwards and Upwards from here! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€