Jiva is an AgriTech company that is on a mission to improve the livelihoods of 500 million smallholder farmers across the world. Jiva is redefining the future of farming by merging technology and agriculture for a more sustainable and prosperous world.

The Challenges they faced

Extensive data

Tracking data when there are just a few data points makes sense. However tracking over 50+ individual data points per role per day including crop yields, soil moisture levels, and pest infestation while finding and fixing anomalies is a mammoth task.

Shelf life

Several individual products are used in farming both during the growing season and after the harvest has been collected. The process must be optimized to minimize waste, including the distribution of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides; as well as the grain that has already been harvested.

Problem with the existing system

Excel sheets

Spreadsheets reached their limitations in handling the large volumes of data that Jiva generates efficiently. It becomes increasingly challenging to manage and analyze this data accurately using Excel alone.

Weekly review calls

The team at Jiva had scheduled weekly review calls to discuss how the stock was at different warehouses and how dispatch was progressing. This made the system very static, leading to delays in problem-solving and decision-making.

How Locale could solve these problems?

Real-time updates

Locale provides real-time updates on all of the metrics that are critical to Jiva’s operations. This allowed the operations team to track and manage their operations in real time.

Proactive alerts

Instead of discovering it hours or days later. Locale constantly monitors data and flags the most important issue and updates it via WhatsApp to the right person at Jiva.

We used to have weekly review calls to discuss how the stock was, do we have like a safety stock left or if we should act on it or not before Locale. After we implemented Locale, I cannot remember when I last had this call.

Increased Productivity

With the implementation of Locale's escalation matrix, Jiva's managers can now focus their attention on critical issues rather than being overwhelmed by every exception. The system notifies managers only when a task remains unresolved, allowing them to streamline their workflow and prioritize their involvement.

Use cases enabled

Predicting stock availability

Locale generates alerts to notify the internal team about the stock levels. This ensures that the team is promptly informed about inventory remaining, allowing them to take necessary actions such as restocking or adjusting procurement plans.

Managing shelf life

Alerts are utilized to manage products with limited shelf life effectively. Locale tracks expiration dates and sends notifications to relevant stakeholders, enabling them to optimize the utilization of these products before they expire. This helps in reducing wastage and improving overall efficiency in inventory management.

Monitoring and data

Locale monitors the data on financial transactions and identifies creditors who may pose a risk. In cases where creditors do not respond to updates or show signs of potential default, alerts are triggered to notify the concerned parties. This allows Jiva to take necessary precautions, to mitigate financial risks.


Postgres, Slack, and Whatsapp

Impact post Locale

Streamlined operations

With alerts about the stock levels, Jiva no longer needs a regular call to discuss this specific task. This has reduced the risk of delays or missed opportunities due to stock shortages, ensuring smooth operations and uninterrupted supply to customers.

Dynamic functioning

The adoption of Locale has facilitated a transition from a static to a dynamic way of functioning. By receiving real-time notifications and updates, the team at Jiva can make timely decisions and adapt to changing circumstances swiftly. This agility allows them to respond proactively to market demands, and optimize resource allocation.

There is normally a lot of resistance when it comes to adding a new tool to the mix. We did not face this issue while working with Locale. The biggest advantage morale wise has been that is completely invisible. Most of our updates go out to the concerned person on WhatsApp.

Improved communication and collaboration

Locale has enhanced communication and collaboration among ground teams by improving transparency. By providing the latest updates on stock availability, shelf life, and financial transactions, all team members are on the same page and can make informed decisions. This promotes better coordination, reduces miscommunication, and fosters a collaborative work environment at Jiva where teams can align their efforts toward shared goals.

Increased ownership and visibility

Locale, has increased visibility by highlighting issues that have not been actioned upon by the team. This ensures accountability and enables prompt resolution of pending tasks. By addressing these issues in a timely manner, the organization can prevent bottlenecks, reduce delays, and maintain operational efficiency.

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