Hey Ops folks! Ops is the backbone of your business and ops people have a lot riding on their shoulders. Ops is beautiful yet its so daunting.

Ops is like a symphony, just one note away from a disaster, and you Mr. Ops manager are the conductor of this orchestra of beauty, madness and chaos.

We have handpicked and curated some fantastic resources for you people to look at and learn more about this fast-moving but beautiful world of operations. We deep dive into last mile tracking, delivery, supply chains, logistics and much more. Here we bring to you companies and strategies which did things differently and left their mark in their space. We know it's a tough job and we got your back. So let's get started!

  1. First on the list, is this fantastic piece from NextBillion that talks about last-mile delivery. As they say in the blog, “the rapidly growing prevalence of online shopping and on-demand deliveries is placing unprecedented levels of scrutiny on the last mile — it is now a make-or-break operation.” To get such a critical operation right, they list for you the pointers to deliver results on last-mile delivery smoothly and efficiently.
The Importance of GIS Solutions in the Maintenance of Your Supply Chain

2. This fantastic piece from Instacart talks about how last mile delivery changed from the onset of pandemic. The way the team at Instacart, gathered and analysed customer sentiment and feedback, gauged it to make changes to product and tech and finally altered their last mile delivery to have a satisfying and pleasurable experience for the end customers is worth understanding. The blog shows us a plausible customer centric approach and the need for agile tech, product and operations to adapt to changing customer requirements.

Building an Essential Service During a Pandemic
We’re seeing the highest customer demand in Instacart history and have more active shoppers on our platform today than ever before, picking and delivering groceries for consumers across North…

3. Next on the list is another amazing article by Next Billion team. It emphasizes the importance and benefits of last-mile tracking. It will help you understand how last-mile tracking is equally important and useful, not only from a customer experience side but also from a business point of view. Read it to understand the technical know-hows and advantages that effective last-mile tracking can bring to your business.

Why Last Mile Tracking is a Win-Win for You and Your Customers

4. Over the last year, Blinkit (previously Grofers) has demonstrated how to do on-demand delivery right. Like many other folks, we are sure you have also wondered how do these guys manage such an amazing feat; how does their logistics even work so smoothly? The one word answer Blinkit has to this is: technology. Read on to discover how Blinkit made it all possible, all the while keeping customer security and satisfaction as the top priority.


5. Map fanatic? How can we talk about mobility, supply chains and logistics without talking about maps! This piece from Gojek here elucidates the amazing use of maps that allowed them to provide their customers a better visibility on routes and timings, resulting in an increased customer satisfaction. Read onto discover what a team of engineers, product managers, data science and maps ops people can achieve!

How Our Cartography Team Helps Us Go Places - 3 min read
People, food, fresh groceries, packages, and a whole bunch of things efficiently move from one place to another, thanks to this team.

6. Now coming onto this blog by Swiggy which emphasises how a good feature not only helps the customers but also people at many stages of the process. This piece here talks about how one such feature introduced by Swiggy helped increase the ease, business and efficiency for the company and its delivery partners.

Navigating new routes –  Meet the ladies who read & build Maps

7. And finally dear reader, a piece we wrote a while back that talks about how not only how location intelligence but also actionability is what matters. And we bring actionability by this amazing feature called ‘Real-time alerts’. Think about your smart watch that monitors your vitals and sends a periodic report and a SOS signal whenever, anywhere something goes wrong. Alerts do this for your operations. Read all about this amazing feature here:

Your Company is Bleeding Money: Make it Stop with Real Time Alerts for your Ops Team!
There’re dollars left on the sidewalk for your ground ops teams to pick up. Learn about activating real time alerts to plug in the gaps in your business.
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Making Predictive Operations a Reality with Locale 2.0
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