We are launching a ‘Control Centre’ view, a birds-eye view of what is happening in your city, and who is working on which issue. The control center shows you how your KPIs are performing and what exactly needs your attention.

Operations teams of any company spend most of their time fire-fighting instead of building better processes and optimising their workflows. Constantly putting out fires requires them to refresh numerous dashboards, excel sheets, and tools in order to determine what requires their immediate attention, perform an RCA, and then choose a course of action. After all of this, they still need to use another tool to inform their teams about it so they can act.

Making Predictive Operations a Reality with Locale 2.0
One of our most extensive updates in recent times is here to change the way you do operations forever! Read on to explore what do have in store for you ahead!

With this launch, ops teams immediately know what needs their immediate attention, do a quick RCA, and communicate with team members via their preferred channels – all on the same platform and with all the context in one place.

This makes answering questions like these very simple and easy to act upon:

  1. How are my KPIs of the city performing?
  2. How many issues currently exist in my city?
  3. What problems need my immediate attention?
  4. Who is working on solving this problem?
  5. How often does this happen?
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This is a pivotal shift from a reactive state of identifying problems to solve to a proactive state where Locale identifies the most crucial issues you should pay attention to so that you can focus your time and abilities where they are most needed—solving the problems.

Moving forward, we will remove all the noise and customise this on a user-level. Users will only see information that is pertinent to and necessary for performing their jobs.

For example:

  • A COO: Would see how the entire business is performing
  • A City Manager: Would see how the city is performing and the KPIs that interest him/her.
  • A member of the on-ground ops team: Would see their metrics and their tasks listed in order of priority.

We are really excited to streamline and empower your Operations team to take them out of firefighting mode and enable them to perform their roles and responsibilities more successfully.


Who is this for?

This is for anyone from a COO to a city manager who wants a birds-eye view of what is happening in their city, how their business is doing and how are the individual team members performing.

What can I go and use on the product right now?

A new "Control Tower" to give you a birds-eye view of the city.

How can I start using Locale at my company?

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