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CodeYoung faces a significant challenge in tracking individual classes due to the sheer volume of classes conducted daily, exceeding 2,000. This becomes a daunting task as scheduling conflicts arise when a teacher is assigned multiple classes simultaneously. These conflicts make it increasingly difficult to accurately track and manage each class's progress and attendance, posing a significant hurdle in maintaining efficient operations.

Manually tracking 2000+ class every day and finding out what the individual problem is not possible at scale.

Moreover, alongside scheduling issues, CodeYoung also faces the challenge of addressing behavioural issues that may arise from both students and mentors not showing up for classes or cancelling classes. Maintaining a conducive learning environment requires active monitoring and prompt resolution of any behavioural concerns. However, the scale and diversity of classes make it challenging to address these issues consistently and in a timely manner, potentially impacting the quality of the learning experience and overall customer satisfaction.

Problem with the Existing System

One of the methods implemented was a comprehensive system of Excel sheets. This data had to be meticulously organised and analysed, even a minor change would throw the formulas and tables for a toss.

This coupled with feedback calls with students and parents would showcase issues after it had been sitting idle for a long time. Most of these measures were very reactionary measures, they did not give the team enough time to act upon the issues as and when they arose.

How Locale Solves the Problem

Locale is a monitoring and alerting platform for business operations teams. The platform helps teams save time and increase efficiency by automating tasks and sending notifications as and when problems occur. Locale solves the challenges that CodeYoung was facing by providing the following benefits:

Real-time updates

Locale provides real-time updates on all of the metrics that are important to CodeYoung. This allows the various teams to track and manage their operations in real-time.

Proactive Alerts

Instead of discovering it hours or days later. Locale constantly monitors data and flags the most important issue on the preferred channel while updating the right teams.

Tailored updates to the right person

Locale shares tailored updates to the right person in the team, this enables the team to take up ownership and drive the metric. This also has second-order benefits of improved ownership.

Alerts Created

Clashing Classes: Now CodeYoung can closely monitor and address any instances of clashing classes to ensure seamless scheduling for their students.

New Demo Booked: The team is alerted every time new demos are booked, as it reflects the growing interest in the base offering of CodeYoung’s coding programs. This metric allows them to assess the effectiveness of their marketing and outreach efforts.

Teacher Cancelling Consecutive Class: Monitoring pattern of teachers where they frequently cancel classes. This has led to an increase in proactive with the customers and reduce churn.

Impact Created

The locale has helped CodeYoung improve its operations in several ways. Firstly, they reduced the number of parallel classes by 70%. This has led to lower refund requests by the parents. Secondly, they increased customer satisfaction scores and, eventually, the bottom line.

We started using locale a month back. We have reduced clashing cases in your schedule by over 70%. Our refund requests have also reduced drastically because of this.