New updates and improvements to Locale.

9 Oct 2023

Alert creation

We have simplified the alert creation process to enhance its speed and user-friendliness. Now, you have the ability to define the query, incident configuration, and downstream notifications of the alert more efficiently. We have also relocated the advanced options to the side menu. These changes will help you create alerts faster and with greater ease.

Revamped alert creation page

Multi level escalations

We have also introduced the ability to set multiple levels of escalation. This means that you can add up to 3 levels of escalations to any alert, each having its own set of notifications. By utilising multiple escalations, you can ensure that critical alerts are promptly addressed and escalated to the appropriate teams, individuals or notification channels. This feature enables you to proactively manage and mitigate potential issues.

ClickHouse connector

By popular demand, we have introduced ClickHouse as a datasource. You can now utilise ClickHouse’s lightning-fast queries and analytical data processing capabilities to directly create incidents on Locale.

Sample API datasource

We now have sample API datasources available for you to explore and experiment with when setting up alerts using APIs. These samples can be found in the Datasources section of the settings page. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to dive in and start using APIs as triggers in your alerts.

Fixes and improvements

  • We have removed the previous 100s limit on queries during alert creation. Now, you can create alerts without any time constraints!