While Locale’s command center enables already features a full-fledged incident management system where users can track, assign and resolve incidents, companies that depend on ticketing platforms for managing customer escalations still had to manually update relevant tickets on Zendesk.

With this integration now live, users can

  1. Create Zendesk tickets automatically from alerts triggered on Locale
  2. Assign tickets to groups or individuals
  3. Create custom incident messages and titles for Zendesk tickets
  4. Prioritize your tickets.

All you need is an active Zendesk account with admin privileges and Zendesk’s API access token to get started. If you’re new to creating API access tokens on Zendesk, here’s a helpful article on their help center to begin with.

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Can any agent on Zendesk set this up?

Yes, it is required that you have admin access to the Zendesk account where your alerts will be routed, as well as access to the admin email, and API access tokens on that account.

Do my incidents on locale get closed when a ticket is closed on Zendesk

No, for updates on this, keep an eye on our blog.

What are the ticket types supported?

We currently support the following ticket categories - Questions, Incidents, Problems, and Tasks.

Is this a paid integration?

No, it's available to all users across all plans with an active Zendesk account.